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WOODPECKERS SADDLE T-SQUARE SDLT20019 - 200 mm - SADDLE-T200 - Versand aus Deutschland - TS

WOODPECKERS SADDLE T-SQUARE SDLT20019 - 200 mm - SADDLE-T200 - Versand aus Deutschland - TS
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Art.Nr.: SDLT20019
GTIN/EAN: 810018200916
HAN: SDLT20019
Hersteller: Woodpeckers
Mehr Artikel von: Woodpeckers
189,00 EUR
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Anschlagwinkel - metrische Version
Version: 200mm - Gesamt 222 mm
Material: Aluminium
Marke: Woodpeckers
Kategorie: Handwerkzeug
EAN-Code: 810018200916
Produktcode: SDLT20019
Lieferung im Beutel 

- Anschlagwinkel präzise aus einem Stück gefräßt
- Abgeschrägte Kanten und hoher Kontrast
- Eloxiert für Oberflächenschutz & Aussehen 
- Präzise lasergravierten Markierungen

Präzises paralleles markieren:
Das erste, was Handwerker bemerken, wenn sie diesen SADDLE-T-SQUARE sehen, ist die Anordnung der Löcher.
Jeweils in der Mitte des Lineals/Klinge wurde perfekte Löcher im mm Abstand CNC gefräßt. Die Löcher sind exakt für die Spitze eines Druckbleistifts geeignet. Das parallele Markieren in einer oder mehreren Linien am Werkstück ausgerichtet wird somit gewährleistet. Setzen Sie einfach den Druckbleistift in das gewünschten Loch, schieben Sie den SADDLE T entlang der Kante und schon haben Sie die perfekte Kante. 



Precision Parallel Scribing. The first thing people notice when they see our Saddle T-Squares is the array of holes perforating the center of the blade. The holes are perfectly spaced 1/32" apart and are sized just right for the tip of a mechanical pencil. Laying down a line parallel to the edge of your stock is as simple as finding the hole you want, dropping in a pencil and sliding the Saddle T along the edge.

Wrap Around Marking. Instead of struggling to re-align a square to transfer a mark from the face to the edge, with the Saddle T-Square you can do it in one fluid motion. The 3/4" deep reference edge is machined perfectly in line with the scale edge.

Beveled Edges and High Contrast. When you do need the scale, you’ll never find one easier to read than the scale on the Saddle T-Square. The aluminum body is anodized in our familiar “Woodpeckers Red” and the laser engraved scale is bright white. It’s much easier to see than most other rules, even in poor lighting conditions. We also beveled the edges 30 degrees. That puts the calibrations right down on top of your work, eliminating parallax viewing error. Prefer Metric? We make the same tool with the pencil-tip guide holes on a 1mm grid and metric scales on the edges.

Designed and Built to Last. Woodpeckers Saddle T-Squares are milled from one solid block of aircraft grade aluminum on our state-of-the-art CNC milling centers. Every edge is chamfered, making the tool comfortable to work with and easy to hold. Even the tiny pencil holes have beveled edges to guide your pencil tip in place. The red anodized surface not only looks great, it reduces friction with your work.

Choose Your Size or Get the Whole Set. We make the Saddle T-Squares in 4", 6", 8" and 12" lengths and metric equivalents. Each size is available individually, or cover all your layout needs with a full set. The set includes all four sizes, in your choice of inch or metric scales and your choice of a Woodpeckers molded case, a Systainer or our brand new wall mountable Saddle-T Rack-it. Both cases include a custom-fit foam liner to keep your Saddle-T’s safe when you’re not using them.   

This former OneTIME Tool design is joining our permanent product line-up. Like all Woodpeckers products, the Saddle T-Squares are precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio, factory.

WOODPECKERS SADDLE T-SQUARE SDLT20019 - 200 mm - SADDLE-T200 - Versand aus Deutschland - TS
WOODPECKERS SADDLE T-SQUARE SDLT20019 - 200 mm - SADDLE-T200 - Versand aus Deutschland - TS
WOODPECKERS SADDLE T-SQUARE SDLT20019 - 200 mm - SADDLE-T200 - Versand aus Deutschland - TS
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